Wine Cellars

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Walk in wine rack set behind a glass case.

Wine Cellars

Your wine cellar is an extension of your La Grange, IL home. Wine cellars are built to be unique and are all personalized to fit the owner’s style. La Grange Glass & Mirror Co. provides wine cellar mirrors, mirror walls, and mirror backsplashes. We offer a large variety of mirrors to fit your wine cellar. Whether you find the perfect framed mirror in our showroom, or you want a custom mirror wall or backsplash, we have the knowledge and tools to do it! Stop by our showroom to see our selection of mirrors; we guarantee you will find the perfect mirror to accompany you wine cellar.



Wall to wall mirrors and mirror backsplashes are the perfect addition to any wine cellar. Custom mirrors can be as large or as small as you like. You can also combine wall mirrors with mirrored backsplashes to create a unique look for your La Grange wine cellar. If you are looking for a custom mirror or backsplash, look no further than La Grange Glass and Mirror Co. We provide a variety of custom mirror and backsplash choices to ensure you get the right fit for your wine cellar. For more information, give us a call or stop by our showroom!

Clear glass window with foggy border.