Antique Mirrors

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A gallery of antique mirrors with ornate frames.

Antique Mirrors

La Grange Glass and Mirror Co. is the number one seller of antiqued mirrors for the La Grange area. From beautifully framed antiqued mirrors to gorgeous antiqued mirror backsplashes, our team has it all. Our team of skilled craftsmen provide excellent quality antique mirrors for all needs. Whether you want a backsplash in your kitchen, bar, or an antique mirror for your wine cellar, we cater to every need. If you are looking for beautiful antique mirrors with a variety of frames and styles, give us a call or stop by our showroom. We guarantee your satisfaction.



Backsplashes have become very popular over the years, but what about a mirrored backsplash? La Grange Glass and Mirror Co. provides unique antiqued mirror backsplashes to our La Grange homeowners. Antiqued mirror backsplashes are beautiful and look great in your kitchen or bar area. We have many styles, shapes, and looks to complete your mirrored backsplash. Antiqued mirror backsplashes are made of high-quality glass, looks great, and is very reasonably priced. For more information stop by our showroom. We would love to show you our antique mirror backsplashes.

Antique backsplash with ornate pattern inset.